Thursday, February 9, 2012

Team Functions

Last weekend we wrapped up our team presentation in Minneapolis with a massive group trainer ride, meeting some enthusiastic Optum employees and an impressive official presentation at the Guthrie theatre. Here's a few pictures from that.

Team picture @ Optum headquarters

Full team presentation at the Guthrie

And what drew most people's attention....
the post presentation dessert spread!

After indulging in some of that dessert it was time to head to the desert to get training. I spent the past week in Palm Springs with Jamie getting in some good miles. Got in one group ride, which I was formulating a blog post about but I might save that for a later date now... and played a bit of tennis as "cross-training".

Now the team is hanging out in the Oxnard/Ventura area for 10 days. The guys are stationed in Oxnard and us girls have 2 beach front houses in Ventura. Yesterday we got out for a good endurance ride up around Ojai, just to get used to the new Orbea bikes. I was fortunate enough to get to take mine back to Palm that I had a bike to ride, but some of the girls were heading out on the road on them for the first time. We spent the evening relaxing (aka staring at the ocean waiting for the internet to choose to work on our respective computers) and then tucking in to a delicious dinner courtesy of Jade and Janel. Tonight Annie and I have to figure out something to throw together. Maybe with maple syrup to emphasis the Canadiana.

Time to head out to ride now. We're going to have the Kurt Kinetic film crew following us around today so that should make for some good entertainment. Our route took us on some awesome roads yesterday so I'm sure today should offer more of the same. After watching surfers all morning, we've got a ocean "icebath" planned post ride.

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