Saturday, January 28, 2012


The cat's out of the bag, and Optum Cycling presented by Kelly Benefits has been announced - sort of. The website is up and running - anyone interested can go check that out at and see who all is on the men's and women's team for 2012. I think a few Canadian websites picked up the website release, but I say semi-official because we're just in the process of a team presentation weekend here in Minneapolis, Minnesota home of both Optum and the team base.

After a few sunny days, and some rain, in San Diego with Jamie and my mom it came time to head back to some snow. But it's all been very worth it so far!

Everyone flew sometime yesterday and spent some time recuperating from the travel. I know I for one was about comatose by four o'clock. We managed to rouse ourselves enough rifle through our new Thule suitcases to try on some great new swag from some amazing team sponsors. We'd already got set up with some Kinetic trainers back home - helped get through the snowy Canadian Christmas - and had our Mavic shoes ready to go. There was lots of trying on of knee warmers, chamois, tshirts, checking out some new sweet 5 blade razors and on and on....
Here's the kit.

Post unwrapping we headed out for a team dinner and then hit the sack.

Back up early to head to Optum headquarters to check out the facilities and get in some trainer time on the new bikes!

Here's a picture of the set up I stole from Leah Kirchmann's twitter.

I've honestly never seen so many trainers in one place. There was a spin class going on with a large group (which we get to do tomorrow) and the facility is really impressive. It was also pretty awesome to get on the new bikes and get used to them. I'm looking forward even more to getting them out on the road. After that we had a little yoga session with some bosu ball thrown in. Some cyclists have fantastic balance and can do tree pose on a bosu no problem....sooome it was more entertaining. After a little downtime we just had some presentations from a few of the sponsors - Hed, Kinetic and Mavic. Each had some interesting ideas to share and there were lots of thoughts bouncing around.

Up and at 'em tomorrow for some pictures, yoga, spin class, and a few more meetings! Final team presentation is Monday evening and then its back to (hopefully) sunny California!

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