Thursday, November 24, 2011

Off-season over

The off-season is officially over, and it's probably time to revive the blog if I want to have any readers left.

I've slacked off quite a bit since I last blogged. I said at that time that the off-season had started but that ended up being false. A few days later I found out that Clara had decided the season had been long enough and given up her spot for Pan Ams. I had been named an alternate earlier and as it worked out that turned into a chance to go to Pan Am Games.

I had a week and a bit to get things sorted, get back into training, write an exam and then head down to Guadalajara, Mexico. This was my first international multi-games experience and I have to say it was quite a cool experience. On the Canadian side it was all run by the Canadian Olympic Committee so it was pretty smooth sailing and a professional environment. It was inspiring to see all the other athletes and hear their stories. For cycling the Pan Am Games are nothing but a chance to experience the multi games environment, but for other sports they are important Olympics qualifiers. It was pretty cool to see everyone coming back just having won medals or qualified Olympic spots in their respective sports. On the racing side things went so-so. I was struggling with some injuries from worlds and just the effects of a long season. I put together a halfway decent ride in the TT, going through the halfway mark in third. Then things came apart a bit, legs wise and injury wise and I lost enough time to drop to 7th. It was still close timewise, but not quite enough. Laura Brown grabbed a bronze for Canada which was awesome!! With almost a week between the TT and road race I had some time to go on some crazy Mexican rides, hang out with the US secret service and get some weird tan lines. The road race was more than the results showed but we got a bit worked over by the south americans. Primarily, them refusing to work with us, or generally work at all. Happens sometimes but we were all excited to have hit the true off-season.

Been pretty relaxed and low key with a few fun events thrown in.

1. Hallowe'en
2. Cross Nats
3. Deadmau5

And finally New York for my birthday. Yes I'm officially over the hill - 21.

But anyway we covered every single inch of Manhattan. Cyclists are notoriously not good walkers. As in will not walk at all if possible. But this is not complaining about walking at a cycling level. We literally covered all the way from the top of Central Park down to the tip of the financial district to the East Village to the West Village in three days.

Highlights were:
- Central Park

- 9/11 visitor's centre

- Empire State Building

- Rockefeller Centre at night

- Times Square

- War Horse on Broadway
- 5th Ave

- Dylan's Candy Store
Things to do next time:
- go on a tour of the UN
- find a way to brave the lineup for the Statue of Liberty
- have more money so that shopping (the primary activity of NYC it seems) is more feasible

I'll try and come up with some interesting things to blog about as the season gets going again - so that there is a reason to read....

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