Thursday, September 15, 2011

Living the Dream

The title says it all. Just living the dream in Belgium right now.

Ok we may tend to say that slightly sarcastically. As in, this is the dream .... except there are moments where ahhhh things are a little lacking in dream like quality.

But then all you can do is laugh.

Just the European adventure.

Like when:

You're trying to take the bus home (after an entertaining Moroccan meal trying to figure out what you're ordering) and the bus driver just decides he's not going to actually take you into your town, but just leave you at the top of the hill. So you walk home and get to witness a girl try to run a guy over on the sidewalk and him key her car in retaliation. Yah we were pretty entertained.

You're trying to get to a kermesse (Belgian training races they take pretty seriously) but you have to cross one of the inlets from the ocean, and of course the bridge is up. And of course in Belgium they don't really car how long the line of cars waiting is nor do they really provide a place for said cars to wait, nor do they notify you how long you are going to have to wait. Also turns out most truck drivers in Belgium are from Russia and don't speak English. (We made it to the start with 1 min to spare after getting yelled at in Flemish a lot for random things).

You try to go out for dinner but every damn restaurant in the whole country seems to have spontaneously decided to go on holiday.

You're at Stage 1 of Holland Ladies tour and it starts on a miniature draw bridge with 155 girls and there's only a 1km neutral before we all turn onto a dyke...and by the time we turn the field has already shattered in front of us and that's pretty much it for the day.

You witness probably upwards of 50 crashes in one 120km stage of HLT, including two from yourself, because it's pouring rain, and there's a lot of paint and railway tracks and cobbles that don't stick so well to bike tires when wet.

You're trying to drive home from the last day of said HLT without a GPS and it takes you three times around the block to get headed in the right direction. Which turns out wasn't the right direction, so you change directions and then end up in Germany when you really wanted to go to Belgium. So you change directions and make it back to Belgium. And it only takes like 2 hours to see 3 countries. (Funny because it's usually the GPS's fault...).

You once again try to go out to dinner after the proprietors of a particular restaurant (if you ever happen to be in Aarschot, BEL go to Cala Luna for pizzza...if you can get in) return from their two week vacation. Except of course they just decide they don't quite feel like having you in their restaurant. So tell you it will be until 8. So you leave for a bit and come back at 730. And they say it will be until 9. And you later drive by at 830 and there are most definitely open tables. Customer service does not exist here. Really, they're more pissed off they aren't still on holiday.

You're in the house wearing a down vest and toque along with everyone else because the house insists on being at least 5 degrees colder than the out of doors.
But really, while it's a little boring at is entertaining. Or you have to laugh at the very least.

Got another 4 days left kicking it in Tielt-Winge, Belgium and then its off to the bustling metropolis of Copenhagen, Denmark for World Champs.

I'm looking forward to seeing Denmark after enjoying Sweden so much. And of course the racing!!!

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