Friday, August 12, 2011

Something Kinda Cool

So the 2012 Olympics are about one year away right now. The athletes have been getting into gear for a while now. For us in cycling we kicked off some of the final build up with a training camp down in Oxnard, CA back in February. And starting in June UCI points have become increasingly important for the 12-month period Olympic qualification period for every country.

It also means its time for the organization to make sure that everything is under control. A few weeks a go they had the Mountain Bike test event. It was essentially a practice race to make sure that everything was good with the course, as well make sure everything was running smoothly with the officials and volunteers. Catherine Pendrel, of Canada, took home the top honours in the women’s race. Not a bad way to get things going! I think I also read that triathlon had their test event last week as well.

And now it’s road cycling’s turn to test out the course out in Surrey. For the Olympics the men will actually start and finish at Buckingham Palace while the girls just will stay out on the loop in Surrey, doing repeats of Box Hill. The test event is just being run on the loop.

Pretty cool stuff.

What’s even cooler?

Well, this is Jamie (for those of you who don’t know).

(since he doesn’t blog - and I feel the need to - I get creative authority).

AKA The Boyfriend


And yes he is cool.

But what is even cooler is that as he’s over doing the U23 Pre- Worlds project with the National Team, he got picked to go to London to race the test event.

Pretty awesome opportunity if you ask me. Regardless of who is racing there next year, I think its going to be pretty cool to know the course in advance and be able to watch having known you raced there. Plus the fact that some pretty big names are lining up for the test event. Mark Cavendish. Yah – he did OK at the Tour. Tom Boonen. Sylvain Chavanel. Matt Goss. Stuart O'Grady. Plus a whole host of other big names not everyone gets to race everyday.

Maybe I just spent too much time growing up watching every sport every Olympics. But I think its a unique thing to get to be a part of. And as an observer from the outside, it makes it even easier to see that. Because sometimes its easily overlooked.

See CCA press release below.




London Prepares for 2012 Olympic Games

(Ottawa, ON – August 12, 2011) On Sunday, five Canadian road cyclists will be racing on the 2012 Olympic Games course as the organising committee for the London Olympic Games hosts its test event for road cycling on the London-Surrey course.

With less than one year to go before the start of the Olympic Games, Dominique Rollin (Boucherville, QC/Fran├žaise-des-Jeux), Christian Meier (Sussex, NB/UnitedHealthcare), 2011 Criterium Canadian Champion David Veilleux (Cap Rouge, QC/Team EuropCar), Stuart Wight (Riverview, NB) and Jamie Riggs (Manotick, ON/Louis Garneau-Club Chaussures-Norton Rose) will be fighting for the top honours and for the gold medal in this UCI 1.2 race.

Riders from 28 countries will take on this modified course, a shorter version. Teams from across the world will be gathering valuable data in this race, which also serves as Games preparations for the race organizers, volunteers and support staff.

Anyway, that’s enough bragging for now. As for me I’m back in Canada for a few weeks, before heading back to Belgium. Just resting up in the not too shabby Canmore, helping my mom pick appliances and paint colours and flooring, and generally enjoying Canada and western Canada at that!

Like I said – not too shabby!

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