Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nutella Update

I just realized that I failed to provide the results from the Nutella experiment.

Its important stuff you know.

I'll turn it over to lex to deliver the results but I have to say first I guessed right!

I wanted to make a sandwich to take with me to the airport the day after we did this testing. And we were leaving early so I had to make it the night before. And I wanted Nutella/banana. But the results hadn't been tallied yet. Conundrum right?

Well i figured the one I liked best seemed to be the darkest. And I knew the swedish Nutella had the most cocoa. Plus I just really liked Sweden. So I went for that one. And turns out I was right!

Since it was lex's experiment and she did a very thorough write up I'll turn you over to her blog. And yes that's me being tested in the picture
Lex's uber- good blog

Canmore has been lots of fun so far. Yesterday we watched the trans Rockies come in to town to finish. Went over to the last technical part they had to tackle. Saw a few weary tumbles, but lots of happy people. Best was a group of six guys all on the same team coming down screaming at each other to get outta the way, man up and let go of that thing your right hand is grabbing etc etc etc. Looked like they had had fun. Then we headed down to main street to see the finish. Saw a couple finish on a tandem. Wish I had of seen them come down from the Nordic centre.

All I could think was that there would likely be all out war if I ended up on the back of a tandem mountain biking. I think there have been enough jokes made over the season about the fact that if we were to stage a tandem road race, Jamie and i would lose because we'd be back on the start line arguing about who got to go on the front. Can't imagine on a mountain bike!

Today Mom and I were up early to head out to lake Louise. We did the plain of six glaciers hike and stopped up there at the tea house for lunch. Hiked back down and then I hopped on my bike and rode the two and a half hours back to Canmore. Very pretty riding. Although I'm still contemplating how fast bears run, and how high a new max wattage I would hit if one popped out at me.

On the way down

Special bridges for wildlife to cross

A lake I rode by

Hoping the rain holds off and it's just as nice tomorrow!

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