Monday, August 8, 2011

How to start the day off right?

Nutella taste testing of course!!

You may or may not know, but Nutella is not the same all over the world. The cacao %, milk % and other factors all change. In fact our North American stuff is pretty crap. I always wondered why I only ate it over here...

One of my teammates, Lex, has been working hard on this all trip. She collected Nutella in Germany, Belgium and Sweden (actually all of Scandinavia has the same Nutella). Her dad came to watch the race in Germany and brought Swiss Nutella with him. Our mechanic's wife just flew over from the States and she kindly brought a jar of the North American stuff with her. That brought the sample number to 5.

The candidates

Lex has set up a very sophisticated system. Numbered spoons (gotta keep the experiment blind), rankings based on taste, colour and smell.
Lex preparing the samples behind closed doors.

Yes, as bike racers we don't do too much other than eat, ride, eat, eat and sleep. So food and everything related inevitably entertains us.

I haven't gone yet, but I'll let you know how the results pan out at the end of the day. And where you should be sourcing/importing your Nutella from!!

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