Friday, July 15, 2011

Stage Two: 3 R's

It's been so long since I actually blogged that I'm having to break this down into stages. Being in between stage races at the moment, it's something I'm comfortable with.

After Nationals it was time for a little break. An executive decision was made not to race the crit. Not too many tears over that one. Went down to watch, and looked like a fun course but enough crashes in the men's race... You have to cringe a bit sitting beside Svein Tuft getting his chin stitched back up on the side of the course the afternoon after winning the road champs.

Then commenced cramming "summer" into one week. Actually not really even a full week. Started off camping at Rock Point Provincial Park down on Lake Erie. Neither Jamie or I had been camping in a while, so it was good fun. Along with this came a little bit of poor planning.

We were super excited to make pancakes. And Jamie even managed to get the stove up and running. Buuutttt we were lacking on the flipper front.

Thankfully the coffee can had a metal lid (and thankfully Jamie's mom had put in a can opener) and it worked pretty well - all about improvisation right?

Since we didn't want to get life to get too rough with all the camping (so hard in a provincial campgroup) we headed up to Niagara-on-the-Lake to do a little wine tasting, visit Hillary (a friend of mine who works on a winery/farm there, and then go for a sail on Lake Ontario on Hillary's family yacht (30ft, I consider it a yacht...).

Some wine and a variety of charcuterie (some pig's head pate, some tongue of some sort...)

Petting the little lambs at Southbrook farms/winery.

The next day we decided it just wasn't quite beach weather again, wimped out of camping another night and headed into Hamilton to climb back onto the bikes and consume some delicious Cafe Domestique coffee (I committed a sacrilege [possibly on purpose] and got a Chai Tea).

Part of the reason for wimping out was that we wanted to get to Wonderland - and the drive was a little less daunting from Mississauga. So I left my Grandpa's car (that had been shepherding ALL, let me emphasize ALL, my stuff) at my other Grandparents and we continued on to Wonderland. Now the packing was no problem with the bikes on the roof. But wait, we can't leave our bikes on the roof rack at Wonderland?

Commence the puzzle (the back is full too).

It was worth it though. Behemoth still goes straight down enough to get your stomach firmly lodged in your throat and Top Gun still makes me freak completely out.

Then we had to get back to Ottawa in time for Canada Day festivities. I'd never actually been in the Capital for them, so was looking forward to it. We rode our bikes down to a friend of mine's to avoid the swarms of people.

And there were swarms. Far too many people for me. We tried to get towards Parliament Hill but made zero headway. Settled with seeing the Prince and Princess on a big screen and retreated to a patio for several hours, watching people collapse from heat exhaustion and refusing to listen to the waitresses hints for us to hurry up and move on.

Canada Day in Ottawa proved to be just a little too much with the heat, number of people and walking for this athlete. We retreated for an afternoon nap and then were offered a primo fireworks viewing spot in Sandy Hill. The fireworks were massive, and we were glad to be out of the melee once we heard the orchestra of sirens go off as soon as they ended.

The week of sort of rest was topped off with a trip to the cottage. Where I learned I completely fail at wakeboarding. But still have my tubing skills.

The next stage is Toona/Belgium.

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