Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stage One: Slackin'

I've been majorly slacking on my blog posting of late.

But I promise I haven't been slacking off too much.

Last time I touched base it was the eve of Road Nationals.

So what went down?

We managed to escape the rain for the TT. I had a decent ride, not perfect, but solid. It felt a bit odd, mostly because I had done the course several times and it just didn't quite seem like nationals.

I came in with the 7th fastest time overall (4-7 were pretty tight) which I was decently happy with considering the tighter time gaps from years past and some new fast girls. That also put me on top of the U23 podium.

Then we were on to the road race.

Everything felt a little off kilter for that too - 6pm start is NOT normal! But there were strawberry farmers to appease.
I didn't go in feeling totally fantastic. Likely something to do with the TT efforts from the day before and the weird timing, but through the race the legs felt decent.

Overall, we had an awesome team race. Moriah was off the front for most of the race, solo for the majority of the break, so we had it easy for most of it. Well I don't think the climb was ever easy - but no stress on our part. It almost didn't look like the break was going to come back, but in the end we caught Moriah just before the final time up the climb. Lex rocketed up the last climb to finish in 2nd overall, and I had a decent last effort to roll in 4th and top U23 again.

Time for a break!

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