Monday, June 6, 2011


I could have written a blog about getting coffee shops mixed up and almost ending up, up Mt Lemmon on a recovery day.
But I can't remember which was which anymore.

I was going to write a blog about how precisely to get out of Colombia.
But it's so complicated that I can't quite remember how many times I got patted down and had my bags searched anymore.
I didn't risk snapping any photos of that process,
but this is how you pack a car to go up a mountain in Colombia
- maybe that gives you an idea

I could have written a blog about motorpacing in Quebec City and double flatting and riding on the back of a scooter, before getting waved down and forced into a car by concerned citizens.
But I'd probably start laughing too hard to write it.
ohhhh boy

trying to recoop.

I could have written a blog about how cool it is to race a major UCI race in your own country. And to end up off the front, riding through the start/finish straight with the announcer doing a fantastic job of amping up the crowd.
But we were too busy racing in Hudson, QC the next day and going 1-6 Juvederm-Specialized-Mazda, to have time to blog.
I also could have written a blog about a fantastic text book weekend of team racing in Killington Vermont, that ended slightly less than fantastically. (Vero still got 2nd though and the sprinter's jersey!!!)
But I think it's probably better to leave that one alone.

Plus those things all happened a little too long ago.

Maybe I should have written a blog about procrastination.

So I'll quickly recap on Liberty Classic weekend, before I have a "but" to use.

Long drive.
Cool city.
Fun race.
Super fans up Manyunk.

Lex and her Specialized Amira - powered by eLoad float up "the wall" in Manyunk super fast the first time. Gets away. HTC and Colavita just don't quite know what they have on their hands. Lex gets up to a minute fifty. Gets all the QOM points at Manyunk, Strawberry and Lemon Hill before getting caught before the fourth and final time up Manyunk...when Colavita and HTC start to panic at the 1:50 and decide they better get their stuff together because Lex means business. The pace was a little higher the last time and the group splintered a bit (managed to pull myself into the front selection) but it all came back together on the fall down the wall. In for a bit of a mess of a sprint finish. Got Jo up there, but coming back from a broken collarbone earlier in the season makes sprinting a little challenging and nerve wracking. Especially, when it gets so squirrelly.

And then long drive back apres le course.

Meaning it's now time for bed.
The Canucks have been thoroughly dispatched anyway.

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