Monday, May 2, 2011

Where am I??

"Hanging at the hotel, motel Holiday Inn" in Tuck-son Arizona (maybe I did hit my head yesterday...).

Ok, so I do know the specific answer to that question. But for some reason it's on the slower days, like today, that it hits sometimes how surreal all the hopping from place to place is. Friends at school were teasing me saying "oh yah just heading down to new mexico for a few days, then hitting of colombia for like a weekend. then off to the east coast of the continent. pretty normal right?" And it's true. It's not normal!!

I got back from California (for the second time in three weeks) after Redlands and went straight into exams. That didn't mean no bike racing or travel though. Did one local racing weekend, heading down to Washington one weekend, wrote three finals, packed up my excessive amount of stuff - actually I was convinced to make an attempt at downsizing that amount to fit "this lifestyle", although I'm not so sure it worked out to well (as I filled up a storage locker in Vancouver, filled up my car with stuff to be taken to Summerland, sent some stuff out East, sent some North to Yellowknife, took some stuff with me South...)- and moved out.

Maybe I should have clued in that "my situation" was a little complicated when it took and hour and pretty much the entire staff of the Returning Office, along with a lot of paperwork, a few faxes to YK and a lot of envelopes to figure out how I could vote...

I'm still not entirely convinced my little hand written piece of paper will ever be counted, but I tried.

Anyway, then last week I hopped on a plane, went YVR-LAX-TUC, met up with my team, drove out to the middle of the desert, New Mexico - AKA Silver City, wrote an exam, mailed it back to a different country, raced around the desert, up and down some mountains for five days, drove back to Tucson. Where I now get to hang out for a day before going TUC-DFW-MIA-MDE down to Colombia for five days, before circling back up to Canada, but the Eastern side this time.

Whew, ok deep breathe.

Tour of the Gila wrapped up yesterday and the last two days of racing were good ones for the team.

The crit course was rolling for a crit - they love the hills here- but it was a pretty fun course.

Canada in 3/4 jerseys - Me, Heather and Clara

After sitting on our heels a bit on Thursday it was time to actually get out and race on Saturday. so in the crit it was time to be aggressive. And we were. We kind of knew that it wasn't likely anything was going to get away. But hell why not try? So we did. And nothing stuck. But we got to actually race our bikes, and made some good money in primes. Too bad US$ ain't worth much anymore.
One attack attempt.

Kept the jersey though and managed to make it to podium and avoid further scolding.

Me, Mara, Clara and Heather

The Gila Monster day was also an awesome one for the team. Diadora-Pasta drove the race right from the neutral over the first few rollers and QOM shattering the field. But they weren't getting rid of Clara, so they sat up and we just rolled through the flat-ish middle part of the stage. A break went - with Lex in it- and went from a two minute advantage, to over eight minutes as we slowed and slowed and slowed in the pack. Then the inevitable slow riding sketchiness = people in front of me going down = me going down. Got back on with the help of the girls, with just a little skin and blood loss, just in time for the ramp up to the final climb to start. Oh yay! Manage to hang through the final 20 miles or so of up and down in a pretty good group. The break never got caught though and Lex rode those last 20 miles solo to roll in for 2nd, move up to 9th on GC and get the U26 jersey. AWESOME.

Lex on the podium!!

I ended up 15th on GC and 2nd in the U26 classification. Good week's work for the team.

Rolling in to the finish - you can see a little crash evidence.

Kept the Young Rider in the Women's Prestige Series though
- bit of a struggle to get that jersey over my head up there.

Becaauusee -

I love Tegaderm and ice.

Alright, time to get this day rolling, build up the bike, find some bike parts, go get some good coffee at Le Buzz, and then try and fit everything into my two bike boxes (I decided I still had to much of that aformentioned stuff and had to send a bag back with the team car to Quebec via Joe Martin b/c otherwise America Airlines was going to leave me destitute paying for two bike boxes aaand a suitcase).

From Colombia next!

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