Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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Che-check on the first race of the season. Redlands = done.

And I was right! The excitement was yet to come. The crit didn't seem to create quite the eye-crossed pain it has in the past. Maybe riding at the front actually has some benefit. Only took a while to figure that out.

I'm mid final essay writing here, so we're going to stick to key points.


- Joanie finished 5th!
- after ending up in the barriers and doing a nice flip over her bike half way through
- i won a $90 prime (I really don't think anyone was sprinting for it)
- also somehow rode through a massive crash, with everyone around me going down, power of the mind "No! I'm not coming off my bike"
- and riding at the front did pay off; split in the field at the finish (I've been caught on the other end of the 1 second rule before) and Vero and I moved up to 13th and 12th respectively in GC

Sunset Road Race

- the neutral was madness as usual
- the top of the first climb being QOM points and time bonus didn't help; as usual
- i made the front split of ten then; not so usual
- that ten rolled around for about 5 laps with a minute gap...and then somehow got caught by a fairy massive group (but it had my team mates Vero and Lex in it, so good to see them!)
- made a split of 7 again...and got caught again
Yup that's me at the back...
- split on the final lap and stuck to the finish
- had Lex with me this time and she helped ride it to the line to get us up on GC (it didn't matter for anyone else in the group)

- despite being told over and over to be first wheel into the last corner I was 4th wheel. oops.
-but managed to sprint to 3rd

- first NRC podium for me

- finished 8th in GC
- and got the Best Young Rider's Jersey (U26) for the Women's Prestige Series (Redlands is the first race of four)
- team was 4th in overall GC!

Pretty happy with that start

Now if it weren't for school....

On that note, better go ride so I get that essay finished.

Good thing for all the new clothes. Man, BC's cold!


Shout out to the Canadian girls:
Joelle was 6th at the Flanders WC on Sunday!
Erinne took 2nd overall at Redlands
Leah K. was 12th at GP Dottignies on Monday.

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