Thursday, April 21, 2011


- the Latin precursor of April meaning to open. Just contemplating how glad I am I dropped my Biological terms in ancient languages course and got to learn about the forests of the world instead - buuut April's meaning is very fitting from a cycling standpoint. The season is definitely open and well underway.

Took a little bit of time after Redlands to get my feet back under me and crank out a few thousand words and take care of some end of year festivities. Then got right into the thick of it - quite literally - with Barry's Roubaix two Sundays ago. The Hell of the North - western Canadian version- fell on a pretty perfect day, with pouring rain turing the dirt/gravel half of the course into one big mud puddle. It was my team mate Moriah's first race back in action this year, and what a way to do it!! We were trying to figure out at the end as we stripped off, only to find more and more layers of mud, how cross racers actually manage to do this every weekend. I was seriously having to take my glasses off after the dirt part each lap to squirt water on them so I could see again. Also, had a bit of a plastic bag malfunction (great for keeping feet dry but always tape around the ankles!) and spent several laps riding around with a balloon of water around my ankle before I should figure out a way to keep following the attacks and also release the water. Ended up being quite a good workout for the day; the home team local ride worked me over a bit in our break of three, deservedly and Jasmin Glaesser took 1st, I was 2nd and Jess Hannah 3rd


After taking care of one genetics final MoJo and I headed down to Walla Walla WA - home of the onions, and as it turns out a whole lot of windmills - for the two day Tour of Walla Walla. We got our new Specialized Transitions on Thursday pm and were racing on them Saturday am. Exciting stuff! I ended up just over 3 secs back in 2nd behind Annie Ewart (who had a stellar ride!) after the TT, so had to figure out how to grab that time back. Didn't quite get enough in the crit, only getting one 2sec intermediate time bonus that brought me within 1.11sec of the jersey.

The road race was a bit of an eventful day. Local Ride lit it up pretty early and I ended up off the front with Jasmin about 1k into the race. Theeeen I skillfully dropped my chain on a hair pin bit about 10k in. Had to get off my bike to get it back on as I had about zero momentum. By the time that was all said and done and I was getting back on the already dwindled pack had come by, and was now in hot pursuit of the single person break away. Left a fun bit of chasing back on through a beautiful head wind false flat section for me. Got back on, and the rest of the race tried to get away...but had enough trouble just getting off the front of the group. Managed to get the time bonus I needed at the finish though to take the overall GC.

Having never been to Walla Walla before, it was a pretty stellar place - plus we also had awesome host housing. Always a little crazy to think about how welcoming people are to us, just letting us have the run of the house.

Managed to make it back to Canada in time to crank out a stats final.
And now up on the docket is:

~ a trip down to New Mexico for Tour of Gila - gotta try and defend the Prestige Series white jersey
~ one more final exam
~ trip continuation down to Medellin, Colombia for Pan Am Champs - should be interesting as usual, but cool. I've yet to be to Colombia/real South America
~ one final trip for a little while over to the East coast for a little time exploring the corn fields of Manotick, plus the N. American UCI races in the build up to Nationals at the end of June in Burlington

Hopefully I'll have some interesting stories from Gila and Pan Ams.
Actually Pan Ams is guaranteed to have some, and last year at Gila people were getting blown off their bikes. Hmmmm....

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