Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Game Face

Currently sitting in my favourite little airport - YVR about to start the journey down to Redlands. This will be my 4th trip to Cali since the start of January - I remember back in high school when I wanted to go to California so badly to surf...and I still haven't learned to surf!!

But important point is this will be the first time this year I get to RACE!!!

I was down two weeks ago for our team training camp, but while the rest of the girls got to stay down for the San Dimas Stage Race - which they rocked! - I had to head back for school. Check Lex as the winner of the U25 jersey.

But back to training camp. I'd never been to the San Diego area before, and was pretty excited to explore a new area of California. Got up Palomar for the first time, which was an awesome climb and an even more fun descent! All round we had a great time getting used to our new bikes, getting Speedplay lessons from our manager for the week Scott Moninger, and hanging out at Trader Joes and Starbucks. Only one little misadventure, which turned into even more of an adventure being that we were on a army base (think K9 unit, fire truck, ambulance, two police cars...and a whole lot of camo). But I'll defer you to Jenny's blog for better details on that.

And now - after chipping away at enough end of term school stuff that I can sneak away again - it's time for the first race of the season (besides the BC Spring Series) REDLANDS!

This will be my third time doing it, and it always seems to be a good kick start to the season. It starts off Thursday with a pretty serious uphill prologue (that just keeps gooiiiing) through all the pretty orange trees. Friday is fun road course with a good loop through a park and an opportunity for a whole lot of wind. Saturday is the crit. The first year I did Redlands as a Junior I think I spent half of the race on the verge of blacking out. I don't know what it is about it - the 9 corners in 1 mile or the false flat drag of a finishing straight - but I find this one of the hardest crits around. Going to try and make it feel a little easier this year. Race finishes off with the renowned Sunset Loop. Ok, I said the crit is hard, but really Sunset is much harder. It's a up up up up down repeat sort of circuit race, but so much fun! In the most sadistic way possible. The fact that it's only March always adds to the pain and suffering.

Oops, so I might be missing an International Forestry quiz in class tonight. But my prof just so accommodatingly sent it to me... so better get on that before I fly!

I'll post back with more race fun soon.


  1. Good luck, Denise. We are cheering for you as always.

    PD North

  2. congrats! you just finished 5th in a race... Clara came 1st. you are making Canadians proud!