Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

It's that time of year again!

Some how it's February already and it's time to start racking up the frequent flyer and driver miles (it's a pain in the ass to take a bike on the maybe that's "train"-ing time).

I think it's a pretty common sentiment that holidays are such a crazy time that you usually feel like you're in need of a holiday from the holidays.

Luckily for us cyclists, good training locations are pretty much the same as good holiday locations. Good excuse for a little "self-made" training camp!!

Headed down to Palm Springs for a little warm weather....
Oh wait, I really do mean training camp...

Put in some good hours with Mr. Riggs and Leah "drill sergeant" Guloien (both blogging slacker extraordinaires!!).

It's incredible how much easier it is to get the hours in when you know you're going to wake up to perfect, sunny, warm, weather.

Adventured into some "interesting" desert areas, got in on the weekend warrior hammer fest to the fish hatchery, saw some cool windmills, saw some cool rocks, some cool trees (Joshua Tree National Park) and got in way over our heads distance/daylight wise, got a little non-cycling wear tanning time in, did a little homework, ripped some TRX, and got into the grey hairs 6pm dinner scene.

Going back to Vancouver to the wonderful grey skies and rain was a liiiittle bit of a downer, but it's back to California in only a week!!

Next up is a Nat. team pre-Olympic year training camp in Oxnard, CA (can you say beach house?) followed up by another week in the mountains of South Carolina. Should be a solid block of training, before getting a little more school in and then kicking off the real start to the season with team presentation, team camp and then Redlands!

Update from CA when things are a little more interesting.

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