Friday, February 25, 2011

Double Header

I've been slacking on the blogging front a little bit lately so there's been a little bit of a build up of goings-on...

You might notice a little bit of a change on blog appearance and sponsor list. As one of the links I posted a few weeks ago showed, I'm racing for a new Canadian UCI team this year: Juvederm Specialized!!

Check out the latest press-release here.

I'm excited to get the season started with the team. We should have a good season ahead of us, back by a solid group of sponsors and support, starting in California at the end of March. We've got a team launch at Specialized Canada in Montreal next weekend, which should be a fun kick-off. Can't explain how much I'm looking forward to picking up and getting out on my new Specialized Amira (Especially after I managed to send my bike flying off the car roof this week in South Carolina...although with surprisingly little damage sustained).

I'm currently sitting in Charlotte International Airport on an epic journey of flight connections back to Vancouver feeling a wee bit exhausted after a training camp double header.

Started out two weeks ago in Oxnard, CA for a women's national team camp. We're sitting about 18 months out from the 2012 games now, so they'd decided to pull together the pool of girls who could potentially going to start the ball rolling. The mountain bikers were down there getting some training in as well so the 7 of us got to join in on a bit of riding with them and share some IST staff. It was a fun 5 days filled with great warm weather riding -I've never ridden this part of CA before, splashing in ice bath AKA Pacific ocean - of course only the NWT-er and Manitoba-er were crazy enough to go in, team bonding - burritos and Bachelor on Valentine's, and information purveyance from sports psych to media to sprint tactics to Olympic selection. 2012's a bit of a long shot but it's still exciting to see a dream edge a bit closer to reality.
The girls with Gord Fraser in Cali

Then I did a little jaunt across the continent to the cycling training camp mecca of South Carolina. Split my time between the cluster of Ontario guys that had congregated and National Development Team Women's Endurance camp that was also going on. We had crazy good weather - 24 and sunny - which is not usual for SC in February. One afternoon of studying molecular genetics on the dock and my arm tan lines were almost history! Got in most of the usual SC highlights, getting up Caesar's Head, Whitewater Falls, into Cashiers/Highlands before tackling the pain of Sassfrass yesterday. One time I really am going to pack a 27. Topped off the trip this morning with a stop at Waffle House on the way to the airport. Southern America at its best...

Top of Sassfrass!

Time to hop onto another plane to Phoenix. I'm still struggling to comprehend how it can take 4 and a half hours to go from Charlotte to Phoenix. Especially when there is still another 4 and half hours to go from Phoenix to Vancouver. Africa is probably closer! Ah well time to buckle down and get some school work done.

Riiight, I'm in school.

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