Sunday, December 12, 2010

Comfortably Numb

Ok, so I'm stealing the title from a Whistler MTB trail I've never actually done, but I feel it aptly describes the tired behind the eyes, hot faced feeling after a hard weekend of training -- and then getting to come back to genetics revising!

That would be as opposed to what I was feeling Friday, after back to back Ecology and Biochemistry midterms, which was a little closer to completely numb/about to pass out. It's amazing what all this learning (and caffeine) does for your health. There are likely fewer groups with heads filled with somewhat vacuous knowledge yet barely functioning and unable to construct proper sentences as university students at exam times. Needless to say campus is a fun place to be right now.

So I escaped the city this weekend to get some riding in without the excitement of dodging cars every second and scheming ways to not get stuck at traffic lights (ie. the turn right every time you hit a red game, quite fun to play in Richmond).

Saturday we did a good loop out to Langley and laid down a little recon of Armstrong hill so we'll be ready come Spring Series time.

Today, waking up to a nice, steady drizzle we waffled back and forth between a variety of activities, including sucking it up and spending multiple hours miserable on the road bike, to running up Buntzen for 4 hours. Face with the running option, I had the brilliant idea of trying to hit the trails on the mountain bike. Leah kindly lent me her full suspension, while she got banged around all day (in more ways than one : ) ) on the hard tail. Fun to get out and rip around on the trails a bit, and blow the lungs out climbing Burnaby Mtn.

I swear it never ends.

For roadies, we managed to be perfectly capable on all the single track. And heading back onto the Trans Canada trail, had a good responsible discussion about the dangers of the slippery bridge and the numerous crashes witnessed here.

Think that helped?

Courtesy of a tree after the 2nd bridge.

Don't worry the knee scar was already there. How I actually managed to get to the tree I'm not quite sure...but that's not entirely new for me.

Ah well, good laugh and some leg burning Contador vs. Schleck action on the road climb back home made for a solid day. Oh and maybe a little ibuprofen. All good, just a good way to get some solid stretching in, in ways you might not otherwise.

Time to get back to that gene interaction stuff you see under my leg. Exciting stuff.

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