Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Whatever this whole el nina phenomenon is....i'm not impressed!

Up the top of Seymour

Friday, Vancouver got a whole dumping of the white stuff. And somehow UBC and the mountains are the only place where it is still sticking around. All the Whistler-loving folks are stoked (made for a good opening weekend), but really do we need it in the city too?

Although I have to say trainer time was made much more entertaining, by watching everyone out the window struggle to function in the snow.

I wasn't about to spend my birthday on the trainer, so headed up to Mt. Seymour Sunday to do some snowshoeing instead. Good fun up the three peaks, especially trying to scramble/slide down the powder on the third.

Somehow all the pictures on that camera evaporated mysteriously. Gah.

Ok so maybe I do kind of like snow...

And after a little bloop of school on the radar, time for some more snow adventuring in store for this weekend...

Riggsy better be able to keep up.

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