Friday, November 12, 2010

Lace Up for Kids

This week I was sent a study from the UofA (along with most CSC athletes likely) that was trying investigate and examine the sports activity and specialization history of high performance athletes. Going through it was a good reminder of all the opportunities I got as a kid to participate in a variety of sports and all the opportunities I have continued to get. While these chances might be something I have occasionally taken for granted, for the most part I think I have realized how lucky I am to have skated, cross-country skied, sailed, ran cross country and track, and played basketball, soccer and volleyball...and on.

But I think one things I likely have taken for granted would be my health. Even if I had of had these opportunities, if I hadn't been healthy it would have been nearly impossible to take advantage of them.

And that's something that's almost impossible for me to imagine.

Here at UBC I volunteer with UBC REC helping run the intramural soccer league. In addition to running intramurals REC also runs a variety of awesome events throughout the year. The one charity event is Lace Up for Kids. It's a skating event here on campus that raises proceeds to go towards research for rare children's diseases through the Rare Disease Translational Research Fund at BC Children's Hospital.

Our leagues team has put together a Lace Up team, and on November 25th we're going to be lacing up to contribute to the goal of 25 000 laps skated.

If you like me, were and have been lucky enough to have an active childhood consider making a donation below by clicking below!! Any bit helps.

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