Monday, November 1, 2010

Game On

...that can be interpreted in several ways, however primarily it's game on for season 2011 as of today.

After a month of being dragged behind "the wagon", it's time to get back on & back into athlete life. Basically, time to leave reality for another 11 months.

I think they say "distance makes the heart grow fonder" and as much as I love riding my bike, it always feels pretty good to be out of the saddle for a while and off a regime. Not that, that means a complete absence of physical activity, or any such situation.

The off-season turns into the one month you can do all the crazy activities outdoors loving people love to do - but which aren't really so conducive to bike riding.

After a small break to replenish the energy stores, I started off the adventuring with a hike up Golden Ears out in Maple Ridge. We had an amazing day for it with perfect fall weather. Not quite keen enough to head out before 10, we cut it a little short to make it to the top. We passed, made it higher and made it down before some couples that had headed out almost 3 hours before us. Side benefit to being in decent shape is the group can power over a lot more, a lot faster. Still, it's good to see other people out there....both as a motivator to keep on getting out there and just to see the amazing landscapes we live in out here being appreciated.

Towards the top

Now I said being able to push ourselves was a good thing. And it is, but doing a 6 hour, 24km, relatively technical hike with lots of jumping and bounding downhill (Ok maybe I brought the pain from that on myself) makes for a pretty difficult next couple days of functioning. I had to get on my bike the next day just to ride the approx. 900m down to the stadium to supervise REC soccer, because there was no way I was going to make it walking.

To ease off the throttle a little (or maybe just to do things in the wrong order) I got some slightly milder hikes in, in Hamilton/Dundas the following weekend. Going off the trail managed to spice things up a little bit, and there were actually some pretty nice waterfalls.

Not to spend too little time without getting the competitive juices flowing, I also brought home the W in pumpkin carving. I'm pretty sure it's clear which is mine...

Back to BC, and up to squeeze in the last bit of Whistler pre-ski season excitement with a hike up to Black Tusk and Wedge Mountain. Two days in a row of 2000m in elevation gain. Not a bad weekend.

Probably one of the craziest views I've seen in a long time.
Well worth the trudge up through the snow.

Little Multi media flavour

Alright time to ride/gym.

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