Monday, September 27, 2010

Beauty day eh mate

G'day mate.

Been in Australia for coming on approximately 6 days (I'm not entirely sure how to calculate it with the time/day change and all) but have been a little bit slack on posting. I think it's because I wasn't entirely sure I was in Australia until today...because I finally saw KANGAROOS!! @ a golf course...but nonetheless.

Anyway, flight over wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it might be. Managed to sleep away most of the 16 or so hours to Melbourne. We even managed to cobble our bikes together for a bit of a ride along the coast the afternoon we arrived. Jet lag may have played a bit of a factor in our struggling to remember to ride on the left side of the road and one hilarious crash, but we got the cob webs out a bit. And were back in time for it to hit us out cold at around 7pm.

The next two days were filled with recuperation, reconn-ing the course and reading text books. The course is definitely not a sprinters course and is going to make for quite a difficult day in the saddle come this Saturday. Lots of teams arrived around the same time as us, so there have been quite a few people out on the course all bundled up for winter.

Also, got the chance Saturday to watch possibly one of the craziest sports ever - Australian Rules Football. The Grand Final was on, so spent a little bit of time trying to comprehend what was going on. Not sure I was successful. It's happening all over again the day of the Worlds RR however, as there is no tie break method in the case of a draw game. Like I said, crazy sport.

Sunday we took part in the Herald World Cycling Classic, a race the Worlds organizers put together so everyone could get a bit of racing in their legs. It was held on the Aussie National Championships course a bit north of Melbourne in Ballarat. Unfortunately, we got stuck with the 8:30 am start while the guys didn't go off until noon. It was good to get some race efforts in the legs though, even if they might still be adjusting to the fact that it was not Saturday but indeed Sunday.

And today, approaching stir crazy levels in the hotel, I got out to experience a little bit of Australia with my mom. Luckily it cleared up (thought I was in Vancouver out riding this morning), and we got the chance to see some pretty picturesque views down the Great Ocean Road.

Racing starts on Wednesday for the TT folks so the pace will start to pick up a bit around here. Should be fun to watch the racing on TV. For the rest of us road racers, I think we're just going to be enjoying the luxurious beds of the Sands Resorts, trying to stay a float with school, and finish off the prep leading up to next weekend!

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