Sunday, September 12, 2010

Airport Ninja

I've been told that people are actually reading this blog, so I figured I had better hold up my end of the bargain and update it.

If you'll excuse a little tardiness I'm currently on a bit of a tour of North American airports refining my airport and plane skills. Number of airports that now have free Wifi though that might not be such a good excuse....

The rest of the European trip was quite eventful. I can barely remember everything that happened over the course of our time in Holland...

The one-day race we did Anne got in the break and despite getting a little worked over got into the UCI points for 7th. I had a good shot to make the break but was a bit of a "junior" and over thought what I was doing way too much.

Pack @ Omloop (photo:

Holland Ladies Tour was fun (for some reason I like this kind of hard racing) but extremely stressful. There's not one second of the daily race that you can drift off, or you'll be in the ditch, on the ground or just at the back of the pack. Where your chances of ending up in the aforementioned places increases substantially. As a team we had some good days, some bad luck (a pedal coming off, a couple crashes, broken shifter, ill-timed flats) and some crazy moments.

Working the front post pedal fiasco

Case in point, second last day riding to the start (AKA trying to find the start in this town) we got viciously attacked by some sort of bird. Now sometimes birds don't take kindly to cyclists. But I don't think any of us had seen a bird this persistent. It was dive bombing us, flying inches from our back and just generally driving us insane. Wish we had it on video but we were all close to crying from laughter as we tried to out deke or out sprint this bird. We also thankfully managed to make it to the start with a few minutes to spare.

Off on a short lived solo break on stage 5

On the same day, as it was a double day, Joelle also killed it in the TT and took the young riders jersey. Pretty awesome for Canada. We also moved into 4th in the Team GC. Our friendly hotel hosts (I really think they hated us for disturbing the peace of their 4 star hotel) presented us a with a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate at dinner. Needless to say the lodging and food was significantly better than France.

An unfortunate crash on the last day left Joelle out of the race, along with two of the other girls. Overall, though we had some good results and I personally felt like I got some good racing in.


I should clarify the blog title now though.

To start the beginning of my September airport adventures, I got back to Vancouver last Tuesday, just in time to start school less than 12 hours later. Awesome jet lag.

Barely moved in and back in the swing of school, I was off to Yellowknife for the weekend. Now this coming week I get to squeeze in a little more school, some training, and a one day trip to Montreal. There was originally supposed to be a trip to Toronto in there somewhere…but one can only do so much.

And then the piece de resistance…. Melbourne, a week Monday. Yes, if you’re wondering, that is where the 2010 World Championships are. I’m pretty stoked to have made the team and am looking forward to racing and hopefully getting to see a little bit of Australia as well.

I figure by the end of this month I should have my Elite status…maybe even my Super Elite. Yay, for Star Alliance flights!

Alright, back on to the plane from Calgary to Vancouver. Get to finish off the movie I started watching on the way up on Friday!

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  1. Re: your opening line Denise, I noted to your mom that I follow your blogs. And since July I've told some others about it because of their connections and affection for your dad. I hope you don't - you should not - take this as added pressure on your busy life from Dave's friends.