Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1 day to go...

Tomorrow's the last day of training for the season leading up to the World Championships road race on Saturday. With 8 days of training (in crazy weather conditions) and lounging under our belts I think we're finally ready to get the race underway. There's only so much staring at the wall one can take.

Worlds kicked off yesterday with the U23 men and elite women's time trial. USA's Taylor Phinney came good on predictions to take the U23 title by a narrow margin and GB's Emma Pooley took the women's title. I have a feeling she's going to be inflicting some pain on Saturday as well. Already experienced that this year at the Fleche Wallone World Cup.... Tara put down a solid ride for Canada as well, bettering her '09 placing by one spot to finish up 7th. It was pretty cool to watch it all live on TV. We were pretty excited as Tara held the fastest time at the first checkpoint for quite a while. Crazily enough Jeannie Longo, at 52, pulled off a 5th place. Can't even comprehend how she's been at the top of her game for soooo long.

Men's TT is currently underway. Should be interesting to see how the results pan out. Millar is crushing it at the minute but Cancellara looks like he could be easily poised to take a 4th title. Wouldn't mind seeing the Aussie Michael Rogers hold on for the title but at the moment it's not looking so good.

Despite the tight eating, sleeping, riding regime we have managed to squeeze in a few touristy activities. I'll try and upload a few pictures later when the internet isn't moving at quite so glacial speeds.

Back to les devoirs and the telly.

Finally found koalas

Along the Great Ocean Road

Took us a while to get this down pat

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