Monday, August 9, 2010

Update from France

Currently sitting in a hall way in a random sports school in Laval, France congregated with all the other desperate internet seeking cyclists, getting a little WWW fix.

We just wrapped up our 2nd day of the Route de France and are in our second school dormitories after another stellar white meal of rice (also may be substituted for pasta occasionally) and chicken.

After a 8 hour - turned into 11 hour due to French holidays drive down to the Bretagne region we started off the racing with the prologue yesterday. Overall it went pretty decently considering I had no TT equipment other than slightly unhelpful and extremely ghetto TT bars.

Today was a slightly less stellar day, although I did get flex my (very weak) French muscles when I somehow ended up doing a TV interview in French. Hopefully I made sense and at the worst didn't say anything offensive. Got caught up in a crash maybe 30k in and scraped myself up a little and gave myself a pretty good smack on the head. Back up and in the pack not too badly though and even spent a little time off the front after. Too far back going into the last 5k...which happened to have a bit of a kicker climb in it... and I got caught behind a split which dropped me back in GC a little. Ah well, still 5 more days of bike racing to come.

Not too much exciting to report. It's darn near impossible to capture the ridiculousness of France from a bike racer's point of view, but we spend a lot of time laughing at how unglamorous it is for sure. No idea how the guys in the Tour de France do it because we're starting to go slightly crazy after only 4 days in this country.

S'all for now...


  1. Hey Denise,
    White rice??? Where are the croissants, baquettes and fromages? Love hearing about your races but hate those falls! Sure hope there are no lasting effects. Great to hear you are resurrecting your francais. Keep up the great racing. We are all cheering for you.

  2. Flick was so excited about the results he up and ran next door to tell his little buddy Lilly. (He's standing beside me watching the computer as I type.) Now he's so pumped he's started training to be a sled dog!