Sunday, August 1, 2010


Yes, yes I know Belgium is supposed to be the land of beer, frites and waffles...but somehow they make really good pancakes/crepes. At least in Tielt-Winge. I'm curious to see if the women that run the store there remember me from April... I figure I went in enough. Oooh and rijsttaarts. But it's not all about the food...

Point is, I'm off to Belgium Tuesday evening and definitely looking forward to it. I finally finished my exams from last semester this past week. Just in time to try and finagle my way into courses for next year and jump right back into class!! Great.

A week today we'll be starting Le Route de France (so as much as I'm going to Belgium I'm really going to France to start with) which is sort of the women's version of the Tour de France. Back in the day the two actually used to be run simultaneously using some of the same courses, albeit a little shorter, but the women's version has faltered a little in the past few years while the men's race has exploded. It's been great but also entertaining to see how many people out of the cycling bubble followed the Tour this year and the coverage it has received even in Canadian mainstream media.

We don't do quite as epic a circuit of France but race basically from the west coast over in Bretagne to the east side of the country, heading a little North in the middle to get around Paris.

The next week we're back in France for GP de Plouay, a World Cup which is reputed to be a pretty difficult course. Then another few days of training and Euro living before heading off to the Netherlands for a one day race and then Holland Ladies Tour the first week of September. Hopefully the block of Euro racing in the spring will pay off and I'll be a little bit more comfortable starting off this time around.

Just running around trying to collect everything and get ready to go now, with a fun local race squeezed in tomorrow. I fly back to Vancouver straight from Belgium on the first day of school (I'm sure I'll be in fine jet lagged form for the first few days of classes), so have to make sure I've got everything straightened out...somewhat at least.

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  1. YAY! Europe! I will creep you via the world wide web as best as can. Good luck friend! I'm having breakfast with your mom today... stoked! First day of class is imagine day anyways so you're only missing out on GREAT swag. I'll try to get double whenever I can. How about another AMS lip chap? You can never have too many of those.
    Adieu mon ami!