Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blog Resuscitation

I've been meaning to blog for a while and had it pointed out this weekend that I'd been slacking. Also Fry's been putting the blog hammer down...but on the other hand I didn't want to show up Riggsy too much. I'm postponing the second ride of the day until I can get through it without sweating out a couple gallons of water, that is if I'm still capable of sweating, so time to be semi-productive.

Ontario's been in the grips of a heat wave since I arrived two weeks ago from Vancouver, via Edmonton (got to check out the Nationals course and spend some quality famjam time), via Kelowna (a brief few days of downtime). Makes you appreciate A/C...especially when it's lacking. And contemplate climate change a bit, as I was stuck in unending construction on the 403 for the 4th or 5th time this week. Athletes present a bit of an interesting contrast to this situation. For the most part I feel like we are fairly conscientous: recycling, composting, eating high proportions of local/organic foods, being too cheap to buy bottled water and being permanently attached to our bidons, spending large proportions of our day self propelling ourselves (sur le bike), and generally living fairly simplistic lifestyles. But then we travel way more than the average person does...or ever would likely want to in one year, via all forms of transportation. Since January alone I've flown Vancouver-Yellowknife twice, over to Belgium, down to Mexico, across Canada, down to Arizona, and down to California. Plus driving to races, driving to training, driving to the grocery store that's 800m away (cyclist don't walk...anywhere...ever) and the driving of our lovely race caravans. Ouch in carbon emissions.

Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent. The past couple weeks have overall been pretty stellar. It's been nice to be in one place, or at least area, for a while. Lots of good training sessions, some time staring cross-eyed at the back of a Vespa, time staring cross-eyed at various sections of pavement, one race (Niagara Classic O-Cup), a broken shifter, a little road rash, a broken spoke, some travel planning and logistics, a little downtime, oh! and some school work. I'm looking forward to getting into the thick of June racing though. A few more training days and then the June Jaunt around N. America starts Friday with a drive down to Philadelphia. Next Sunday is the UCI 1.1 Liberty Classic. I've never done it before but lots of people love the race despite the presence of the wall. Could have been a crazy place to be had the Flyers won last night and went for four straight...but I guess could still be a depressing place on Sunday. But I'm sure they will be much more interested in the bike race than hockey. Then back up to Guelph for a few days before hitting the good ol' 401 to Ottawa for the Gatineau UCI races that popped up to replace the Montreal WC, Tour de Montreal and Tour de PEI. the 17 race days I've put in so far this season, 12 have been UCI ranked. Crazy! From Gatineau, it's back to the airport to head straight down to Minneapolis for another race I've never done, but have heard great things about; Nature Valley Grand Prix. My second NRC stage race of the year, with 6 stages in 5 days. Should be fun times. And then north to Edmonton for Nationals the following week.

That will effectively wrap up June and determine what's on tap next. Not too much left but to wait and see...and pedal my bike as fast as I can (sorry, I've been explaining to people a lot this week that I ride a pedal bike).

Meaning I should probably go ride now, before I end up just sleeping or eating too many of my mom's cookies (I love care packages!).

Over and out.

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