Tuesday, March 16, 2010


In a 12 day period! And there just happens to be a fairly big 4 day stage race in there too.

Skins are gonna be getting a lotta lovin' in the next 2 weeks.

Race season has officially started. The past two weekends we've had our first rounds of training races out here in BC. Put on by Devo, the Spring Series is a pretty awesome way to get the legs back under you and comfortable in a pack again before the actual racing starts. Emphasis on comfortable in a pack...the first day of the series in the B race I think we had 5 crashes at least. Granted it was raining but still! Thankfully I'd escaped into a smaller group of the front after the first 2. Racing with the guys always ensures some hard riding and its good to get in an aggressive pack so early on.

So by my line-up of airport codes, I'm missing this weekend's racing (and not doing San Dimas) to essentially do a 24 hr touchdown in YK before coming back down to Van to pack up and head to Redlands on Tuesday! I skipped out on this race last year because of school but I'm looking forward to doing it again. The first year I did it as a 2nd year junior one of my team mates told us all that her coach had prepped her for the race by telling her that it was likely going to be equivalently painful to giving birth. Did a good job of terrifying 16 year old me. Getting to spend a week in California should also be enjoyable.

Then back to Van for two days of classes (or maybe just packing; we'll see how efficient I am). And off to Europe for a month. Lots of love to UBC for letting me defer my exams. I guess its proof that getting an education and competing in elite sports don't have to be mutually exclusive... at least if the school is willing to be so flexible. By the number of surgeons, lawyers, Masters and PhDs in the North American women's peloton I probably don't have an excuse.

Although if I didn't have school I could be down in South Carolina right now. Damn. I kind of miss Caesar's Head and good ol' Sassy. Maybe next year.

I'll try and allocate some energy to the bloggage while I'm in Cali.


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  1. I think being a cyclist is better than being a speedskater