Monday, February 8, 2010

Migration Time

Time for some serious bike practices. Thursday I'm heading down to Tucson for just over a week for the first National Team project of the season. Shouldn't be too crazy, just logging in some long miles, but yah never know. It's going to be a road and mountain bike combined camp with each doing some sport specific sessions (meaning us roadies aren't going to be trusted with mountain bikes). Also, starting to do some IST stuff (psychologist, physio, sleep doctor) which should be really interesting because we haven't had too much access to it before!

Only thing I'm a little choked about is that I'm not going to get to see the Olympic torch come through campus/see it at all. aah well. And I missed going to see the dress rehearsal for the Opening write a sport psych midterm.

This weekend I headed over to PacSport for my first MAP test in almost 2 years. My pinky is still recovering after multiple prickings. My body likes to give the testers a hard time by clotting super fast. Heading into camp though it's good to have a better sense of where I'm at and my new training ranges...and to have a baseline to work from for the rest of the season.

Also, stopped in at Canada's Northern House this weekend to check it out. I think its one of the first Olympic provincial/territorial houses open and its pretty cool. During the games there's going to be performances and demonstrations going on but the displays were all pretty interesting and there's some interactive stuff, including a green screen to record a postcard video...

Apparently our hotel has been scoped out and we're near a Starbucks and therefore will have internet (good thing b/c coffee+internet=happy cyclists). So hopefully I can dredge up the motivation and energy to blog about what we're up to!

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  1. too bad you will be in Tucson during the games. I guess you wont be there for the whole time though. Im sure getting some ride down there wont suck tooooooo much though ha