Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's

So I didn't really expect to blog so soon but I got assigned the first CCA blog entry of camp so
here it is: CCA Tucson

Today we had a pretty solid ride as well. The mountain bikers headed off into the desert and the roadies stuck to the safety of the pavement. The group I was in got a little lost. After making a decision at a T intersection we hit a dead end...

So then what do you do?

Follow the bike sign!

Except if there is a bike sign going the other direction...

We picked the wrong one, but eventually made it onto the right loop.

We've been keeping pretty busy with IST sessions as I mentioned. It has all been pretty interesting. For me I think the biggest revelation was some accupuncture treatment I had done. I was really impressed with how effective it was and it really exemplified how much everything in the body is interconnected.

Managed to watch some of the Olympics so far, although I wish we could watch the CTV coverage. I feel bad for whoever has to watch more Apolo TV with me. Although I think we're entertaining ourselves yelling at the screen. Oh and the NBC news anchors can stop talking about the Canaaaadian curse finally! It seemed to be causing confusion anyway.

And finally a solid Valentine's Day. One of the girls, Jenny, made all the girls valentine's and David Boily gave us chocolate squares. Best parts of the holiday. Topped off with Chipotle and some hot tub/ice bath time.

And we've still got a week ahead with a full forecast of sun (tanlines are already back in full force after three times; no hope for looking normal this year). I'm looking forward to the riding, and we've also got a hike scheduled which should be pretty fun! Definitely one of the best camps I've been at so far, so all's good.

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