Sunday, January 24, 2010

El Niño

This phenomena is probably keeping VANOC awake at night planning where they are going to truck snow in from, but for me it's making sure I hit the sack pretty wiped at night. This afternoon is the first time it has rained in almost two weeks and its been around ten degrees everyday. Not so great for the Cypress snow conditions but pretty wicked for riding conditions in Canada in January. Even got to ride up Seymour this week (Cypress road's been closed in the lead up to the Olympics unfortunately) where there was no snow to be seen and I actually managed to survive the ~20min. descent with feeling left in my hands and feet. Not the normal situation.

Things are definitely gearing up for the Olympics around here. Yesterday I made a bit of a detour on my ride to peer into the Northern House (NWT, Yukon and Nunavut's cultural centre for the Olympics). Looks pretty cool inside, so hopefully I'll get a chance to actually go check it out. The Richmond Oval is also no longer a gravel pit all around the outside but is slowly coming together.

All in all, not too much exciting this week. Filled my Naam cravings for the month. For anyone visiting Van you've gotta check out The Naam in Kits; it is a vegetarian restaurant (which I am not) but they have awesome food. Despite going enough to have probably memorized the menu we still take forever deciding.

Speaking of vegetarian food, my new experiment for this week (although really I was served it at a friend's a while ago ) was this salad:

Mixed greens, avocado, cheese, salsa, and then the tofu ground beef stuff sauteed with some veggies (I was pretty impressed with it, but according to a vegetarian friend its one substitute items that wears on you pretty fast)

And decided to make some ride food so that I'm less tempted to stop at Whole Foods...and somehow I ended up w good luck bread! Or Lululemon I guess depending on your take

Clearly time to go make dinner before I bore anyone too much with all this food talk.

PS. For my sport psych class we've gotta do a documentary case study on a situation where an athlete/team is struggling psychologically in the lead up to the Olympics and then plan out an intervention. Anyone heard of any good potential cases?

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