Sunday, January 31, 2010


In honour of it being cyclo cross worlds this weekend I decided to add a little resistance to my training and do all my road riding on my cross bike.

I wish that had been a decision but really it was just coincidence. I took my road bike in on Friday to get my power meter put on and a bit of a tune up done. All smooth sailing until I got a call with the message " Uhhhh your derailleur hanger just snapped..." If I was a prepared and organized person I might have had another one lying around but nope so with that the bike was out of commission until sometime next week. Aahhhh. With lackluster cross country skiing conditions and a lot of riding to do I needed a bike! Fortunately I have my "winter" Colnago and my cross bike; unfortunately my Colnago has a stripped crank and my cross bike has been in pieces for a year and a half. After a little bit of frustration that everything was breaking (I also had to return a three week old heart rate monitor for warranty that day after the batter somehow was rusting making it non functional (therefore I had no watch) and my phone decided to start spontaneously ending calls) I managed to scavenge some parts from a friend and get the bike up and running.

Considering, ended up being a pretty solid weekend of training and I'll likely feel like I'm flying once I get off the knobby tires again.

Back to the actual cyclocross part, I did take a few short cuts across fields - just because I could - and realized I kind of missed the racing. Marianne Vos won the women's World Champ today. That's gotta be something like her 5 or 6th world title between track, road and cross (and she's only 23!!!!). I got to witness a little of her cyclocross skill this summer in France. She was definitely a good wheel to be on through the super sketchy neutral dirt/gravel single lane starts. Even if people around her were going down she'd manage to weave a path through.

For those of you who've never seen a cross race check these out:

It's tons of fun and slightly insane!

And since count downs are all the rage here right now:

10 days 'til training camp, 11 days 'til the Olympics, 24 days 'til Whistler n Olympic fun and looking like 7 weeks 'til the first race of the season!

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