Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Literally and figuratively.

School's back in full swing and I'm back into another full block of training. Last week was pretty chill on the training side, not so much on the school. I swear second semester they don't even give you time to breathe before launching straight into new material anyway. But I did get the chance to get in a couple yoga classes which for the most part make my body feel a bit better. Other than the fact that I seem to shake more in some of the poses than all the business men and women in the classes. Guess being an athlete doesn't cover everything... And squeezed in a massage at the UBC Aquatics Centre; one thing I definitely miss from the racing season.

This past weekend I headed out to Port Moody to get in some non-city riding with Leah Guloien. I don't really mind riding through the city because for the most part Vancouver is pretty good with bike lanes etc. and it keeps it interesting, but if there's one part I do miss occasionally about riding in Ontario its the open rural roads. Oh well, only have to drive 45 minutes to get it out here. We got a solid ride in with a little climbing and just as we were both starting to feel that the ride was definitely going over prescribed time Leah's spoke broke right in front of a Starbucks. What can you do but get a coffee and wait to be chauffered home? After a little rest we hit up the gym for my Speed Endurance workout before finally collapsing in the sauna. Long day.

Sunday I headed up Cypress Mountain with a friend for some snowshoeing (although I'm not sure to what extent you could call the white covering snow). It was above zero up at the top too, and the mountain ended up closing for two days this week right after we were there. Anyway, I haven't snowshoed since I was probably six or seven, but it was pretty entertaining.

Old Man of the Mountain: a thousand years old; so big it apparently only fits sideways

We're pretty sure they gave us the ghetto snowshoes because everyone else who it seemed would have rented snowshoes had the metal framed ones. There may have been some reasons for that though...

We got in about 2 hours of running/walking and covered up to the highest point of the trails. And decided that crossed bamboo poles in front of a trail couldn't mean anything too important. Had to do a little creative climbing to avoid a not-so-frozen lake. Apparently it was the one trail closed that day. Oops, apparently they were right about us.

Time to get ready for class. Hopefully things are going to get a bit more interesting in the next little bit as the season starts to get into full swing. Four weeks to wait until I join the rest of the cyclist snow birds down in the southern states; Tucson in particular for me this time. We've got what should be a pretty wicked mountain bike/road ten day camp the second week of February. And then I get to fly back to head up to Whistler for a couple days of absorbing the Olympic atmosphere...and maaaayybe seeing some events. Should provide some more blog worthy material.

S'all for now all y'all.

Getting ready for the south.

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