Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Vancouver

Really where else can people still lie out on the beach naked in December...

After at least two weeks of solid rain the weather finally broke and its been clear and sunny around 5 -10 degrees for a week and a half now. I headed out for a run this afternoon to break up the tedium of studying and decided to head down the stairs to Wreck Beach. If its nice out I like heading down there because it makes running a little bit closer to an actual enjoyable activity. Take in the ocean and mountains and its more like running through an obstacle course over the rocks/boulders and logs/fallen trees. Anyway, there were a few older people all bundled up heading down to just look out and a few students studying and then, bam, a few clusters of people taking advantage of the clothes optional. It was warm...but really...everyone else down there was wearing winter coats and toques. I haven't gotten that soft yet that I find 5 degrees cold, but I'm probably getting there. Another week or so of exams and I'll be back up in Yellowknife for a good round of hardening -40 though.

...that is if I make it through to next Tuesday. I walked into the school I volunteer at yesterday and immediately got told I looked like a student . Glasses, hair up - must be exam time. I start Thursday with Organic Chem, Animal Bio and English Friday then Monday, Cell Bio and Tuesday Poli Sci. Then freedom and the chance to just be an athlete again for a couple weeks. Looking forward to it. I think anyone with any connection to a university is stressed at the moment though. Students obviously freaking out, profs and TAs have to deal with the freaking out students...went down to buy a muffin at the library cafe and even the cashier there went on a little rant about how bad this weekend has been.

Time for a little more chemistry, some weights and then more chemistry for the foreseeable future...

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