Wednesday, December 16, 2009


... and I have a huge pile of paper to prove it.

School's been kicking my ass lately but finally the ridiculous exam schedule has paid off and I'm done at least a few days before most people and a week before the exam period actually ends. I've got a couple things to do in Van, including some frenzied Christmas shopping before I head back up to Yellowknife Saturday for a couple weeks. It's been a balmy -40 up there for the past week but I think its supposed to warm its way up to -16 or so, for a little while anyway...and time for Christmas break training AKA boot camp according to my coach/training plan.

Even with exams, training has been going pretty well...a good outlet for stress. Although of course the weather in Vancouver decided to take a turn for the worse. We actually even got a little snow. Needless to say riding outside has started to get a little messier and require a little more clothing...

Winter, coupled with the crappy weather, also brings the longer rides. As part of my study procrastination I've been surfing the net quite a bit and I was reading Alison Testroete, another cyclist's blog, the other day and she mentioned that she had been listening to audiobooks while riding. I've never listened to an audiobook before because for the most part I actually enjoy reading but it seemed like something worth trying out. I really wasn't quite sure what it would be good to listen to while riding though. OPEN Andre Agassi's biography came up on Itunes while I was looking and I thought that might be a good option. It's been really interesting and if anyone is looking for a good read I would definitely recommend it. Puts an interesting perspective on the pressures of sport from the standpoint of someone who hates the sport that is their life. Also helps that with the pace its read at it gives you something like 18 hours of play time.
I've also been spending some time on the trainer to mix things up, try and multi task with some studying and beause others are a little more hesitant (or just more sane) and prefer to stay inside.

We've also decided to add a little Christmas cheer to our apartment and copied some people from the building across from us by making paper snowflakes.
Apparently the skills you learn in grade three don't always stay with you and my first attempt was definitely a fail.

but after some googling we managed to refresh our memories and progressed from rectangular snowflakes to crosses to actual snowflakes.

Even Rocky got a little Christmas decoration.

One of my room mate's mom also sent us a sweet advent calendar so we've been getting our daily dose of chocolate.

It did mean unfortunately that my Birthday wall had to come down but it was probably time...

Oh and the chocolate vegan birthday cake I was talking about a while ago ...just took a bit to get up.

Alright, that's all for now. I've got to head over to West Van for a meeting with my strength and conditioning coach and then probably hit up the track.

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