Monday, November 30, 2009

Valve Length

Seems like a fairly insignificant factor but...

Saturday I headed out early for a ride around Richmond in the normal rainy weather we have here in B.C. Twenty minutes in I was promising myself I was finally going to buy fenders, but by about an hour in I was completely soaked anyway but the riding was keeping me warm. Two hours in I flatted... I got the half a staple out of the tire and new tube in despite the quickly numbing hands. Now a couple days before I'd switched out my rear normal training wheel because I'd been having some problems with it and the only other wheel I had was my race wheel. So as I went to put my pump on the valve... I realized there was no valve. I normally have long valve tubes but I'd gotten my spare from a friend a couple weeks ago, and it clearly was short valve. Seriously was not impressed and didn't help that I was both wet and cold. Contemplating what to do I walked about 15 minutes to a gas station to get out of the rain. Was going to call someone, but then there was a taxi just waiting at the gas station, and I softed out. Pretty sure the guy though I was crazy, but definitely felt bad for me too. Wouldn't let me tip him and gave me his card in case I ever needed a ride to the airport or got myself in a mess again. At that point decided not to try my luck on the road again and hit up the gym for a deadly circuit workout. First stop when I headed off campus that afternoon was the bike shop to stock up on some long valve tubes.

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