Monday, November 23, 2009

Three to go

Three more weeks of this. Only a week and a half of class left and then a week an a half of exams (I started this on Monday, but its actually Friday now so really only two and a half weeks now). This week wasn't too exciting; . Recuperating from last week...Chem lab final...another birthday dinner and now my mom's in town for the weekend and I have some sort of test/lab exam/final paper due every day next week!


Last week was another busy week. I only went to four days of school, but I felt that was a sufficient amount. Wednesday I also trekked out to the track. The other two times I've gone this year I've just gone to an open session, but it's been decided that a structured workout would probably be more beneficial, which it definitely was. I intended to go out for the Junior/ Youth workout just to ease in but the Elite workout had been cancelled that day so they got combined. Anyway, I survived a few team flying kilos and a flying 500m although I have to get used to spinning that fast again.

The real reason this week was so busy was that I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Toronto. Saturday was the OCA Cycling Celebration and I felt like I should maintain a little presence in ON, hence the trip. Anyway I was determined to fit as much into the trip as I could. Flew out of Van. Friday morning a 7am.. I caffeinated myself heavily for the flight out and actually managed to put in a solid couple of hours of homework. Good thing, because I definitely got no more done the rest of the time.

Landed in Toronto to grey skies. I was really hoping to be able to shake them b/c Van hasn't seen sun in a while. Got picked up by the grandparents and went for a pre-birthday lunch...Saturday was also my 19th birthday. Then off to my friend KK's. We were going to go for a run...that fell through pretty quickly and we went to Yorkdale instead. I swear I walked in circles around the mall enough though for it to be equivalent to a run. Then we had to participate in the teenage girl event (although I'm pretty sure the age average was way higher than that) for this weekend and hit up New Moon. Honestly, terrible movie. But somehow still entertaining because everyone was just laughing at the acting; unless of course they were screaming at the shirtless werewolves and vampires. I also got talked into wearing a very sparkly t-shirt of KK's design.

Up at 7 (really have no idea what time zone I was on at that point) to head to DK's to get her old bike set up for our group ride. Logged in about four and half hours with a good group and then had a bit of a pot luck back at DKs before we all split to get ourselves back to TO for the OCA banquet. Dinner and awards and then some of us headed out for a bit of a birthday celebration. Definitely good to see all the Ontario gang.

DK and Malcolm presenting me w Ontario Female Road Athlete of the Year

All the award winners

Sunday was a bit of a write-off but was the first day I've done nothing since probably the beginning of September. Nothing being relative at least; met up with a friend from high school downtown for dinner and then flew out of Toronto at 9pm. Landed in Van. at 11...1/2 an hour early; we think they flew faster b/c someone started having an allergic reaction on the plane.

My room mates surprised me with chocolate vegan birthday cake with organic icing when I got home. I was a little skeptical but it actually tasted good! Apparently the batter tasted like sprouts though... Try having a normal sleep though on a sugar high with your body stuck somewhere in between 4 am Toronto time and 1 am Vancouver time.

Ok, time to pay attention to the prof.

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