Wednesday, November 4, 2009

school + training + eating

After a 6am run this morning then an hour and a half lecture on cell bio and three hours of dissecting a rat... I'm trying to remember how to cope with the whole tired thing. I've re-aquainted myself with the lack of sleep tiredness in the past couple months but training tiredness is a whole different thing and trying to study O Chem when I really want to nap isn't something I've had to face for almost 6 months. I have an English in-class essay tomorrow too but I think after a organic chem study session and a gym session this evening I don't think there's a chance of me contemplating underlying tones and metaphors anymore. I'm going to be impressed with myself if I get my laundry done.

All this learning did pay off yesterday at the physio though. I knew all the muscles she was talking about...even if I was transferring that knowledge from a rat, lizard and shark. As part of a revamped strength and conditioning program I'm doing this year, I was sent to the physio for a Functional Assessment; something I apparently missed out on last year with the Ontario gang. Surprisingly, my body isn't entirely mangled and I'm not at too high a risk for injury...although that doesn't mean it didn't do some weird things. In one test my left leg was fine holding up against the force, but my left leg no matter how much I flexed every muscle I could just fell right to the table. Got some more homework (I swear it never ends!) to do anyway. The physio was in North Van so I brought my bike along to take advantage of already being on the north shore and not having to ride for an hour first to do any of the climbing. Having not ridden there though meant I had to ride by the donut shop in Deep Cove rather than indulge though. I also totally wasn't ready for it to get dark at 5. Definitely time to dig out the lights because I had a few sketchy moments .

Also, now that the "off-season" is coming to a close, even if you can't really say its the "season" yet along with training, this usually means cutting down or trying to atleast, on all the off season indulgences...beverage or food. I say this as an entire chocolate cake maay have disappeared in our apartment over the past weekend. I swear it wasn't all me; but I have to admit to standing in the kitchen with my room mates with a fork in my hand in my chamois and sports bra post-ride; I was worried that if I left to go change it would all be gone... Oops. I mean I totally had oatmeal and a boiled egg or something as my post-training recovery food.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows I like candy...and studying especially gives massive sugar cravings. I kind of wish I was one of those people that for some unexplainable reason hate chocolate or candy, but then I'd also feel like I'd be missing out. As much as a try eating carrots as a replacement only works for so long. BUT last week in one of my classes we were told that the Canada Food Guide's been lying to us our entire lives, and that sugar cravings are definitely a message from our body. High "quality" foods are sugars and vegetables are low "quality". That in mind I think blood was the highest quality source of food so maybe not the best plan to follow. And I think I'm probably taking the lesson completely out of context in my attempt at rationalization.

Tomorrow Toronto finds out the fate of their Pan Am Games 2015 bid. After seeing their proposal first hand and all the work that the committee put in, hopefully it goes well. I don't think the committee can take another defeat after losing the Olympic bid either.

Time to actually go study...and eat an apple or something.

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