Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Kind of seemed like common sense

Finally something to write about other than school.... Last year for Thanksgiving I had headed up to my aunt and uncle's in Summerland, but this year rather than head up there or go back up to Yellowknife (too cold) I decided to join the UBC VOC (Varsity Outdoor Club) and head up to Squamish for Long Hike. Not so accurately named, it was actually a weekend of rock climbing. I've never climbed out side so needless to say I was pretty stoked, although a little concerned my cyclist arms might give me some trouble.

After a week of filled with organic Chem and my midterm in that class we headed out of town Saturday morning. Thankfully my standard driving has improved significantly and we made up it alive (I did stall at the end of the day going up a massive hill into the camp...but really it wasn't paved and could have happened to anyone). We met up with the 150 other UBC-ers and got divided into our climbing groups of 9. There were 3 levels but I'd opted for Level 1.
I ended up in a pretty wicked group and I think we definitely all enjoyed the day. After a bit of a refresher from our two intrepid instructors , Ren and Champagne, on belaying and tying in, we hit the wall. Our first routes were called Burgers and Fries (about 5.6 n 5.7) and then headed over to In and Out which were a little trickier...especially for yours truly.

Me at the top of Burgers and Fries

Me belaying

Too much fresh air...

Me and my weak arms struggling massively

time to hit the bouldering wall at the gym

That evening we all headed back to Evan's Lake camp for dinner, a little party (some interesting games come out among climbers/outdoor folk) as well as to spend the night and breakfast the next day.

Table Bouldering

People stacking...all the girls tried together too

Some people headed out for another day of climbing on Sunday, but our car decided it was time to head back to Van. Halfway back we hit super backed up traffic only to learn that there had been a motorcycle accident further up on the highway (we think someone ended up dying) and the highway was shut. It'll be interesting to see how this will play out for the Olympics we maybe got a km in an hour and a half. There happened to be a Billabong tour bus a couple cars ahead of us though which ended up being a bunch of guys from California who were touring around promoting their snowboarding video. We got to hang out on top of their bus for a while and got some free swag out of it too. People were taking advantage of the closed highway, long boarding down it (guess it was super smooth) and a few of us also joined in on a little football. Eventually it all got cleared up and we made our way back to campus.

The Bus

Monday I headed out for a ride around Stanley Park with a friend to enjoy the Sun and the day off. I think I'm turning into a west coast wimp though...ten degrees felt waaay too cold. One of my room mates and I headed out to her aunt's in New West for some Thanksgiving turkey and pie and possibly one of the best Thanksgiving dishes I've had; sweet potato with coconut...so good.

I decided I wanted to tackle some of my own Thanksgiving dinner though so last night I made pumpkin pie. It actually turned out surprisingly well...edible at least. Cooking turkey got postponed til today so that's my next challenge. Postponed because one of my other room mates came back last night with the announcement she's had H1N1 for the past week. Wicked! I obviously had a bit of the normal athlete freak out even though she was adamant we would be sick by now and she wasn't contagious anymore. My way of coping was downing some cold-fx and multi vitamins and going to bed at like 9. Hopefully I'll avoid it. Although sitting in class there definitely is a cacophony of coughs so it might be tricky.

My pie!

Time to go cook a turkey!

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