Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My season has pretty much wrapped up now. I spent the last week in Kingston catching up with friends and doctors/dentists etc. before I head back out the Van on Thursday. The -ish part because I may race cross...but I'm not entirely sure how that's going to fit in yet and if I'll be overwhelmed enough with school.

Friday I headed to Guelph to meet up with KK for MTB provincials. Just going to suggest NOT trying to do that trip by public transport with a bike. I took the train from Kingston (where they put my bike in a enormous box, large enough for it to just roll into with plenty of room) to Union Station. There I had to somehow get myself to a greyhound bus because the train to Guelph had no baggage car. So I waited for a half hour for my bike and decided to take it out of that box because there was no way I was going to get it in a taxi or walk anywhere with it. Carrying two bags and my bike (with a loose headset so the wheel was a little erratic) I headed out of Union Station into downtown Toronto. I got a lot of weird looks and one guy told me something along the lines of making sure I got a deep tissue massage after carrying all that stuff. Anyway I walked over to where I thought the bus stop was only to realize it really was just a stop. I couldn't get a box for my bike or a ticket. The guy said try the internet (really helpful) and then the actual station at Dundas and Bloor. Decided to just get in a taxi because I had no idea where I was going and finally got the right place, got a ticket, and built up a new cardboard box for my bike. The last part of the adventure was when the bus driver didn't want to let me take my bike because it was in a Greyhound Courier box and she said she had to deliver it... Thankfully I had kept all my receipts.

Mountain bike provincials on Sunday was interesting... a little bit tooo much single track for me I think, although I managed to crash only once. The number of masters, juniors and cadets passing us stressed me out a lot too. With a train of 3 or 4 masters coming up behind you yelling, it really doesn't help the technical ability. As a result I spent a little more time on the course just stopped than I probably should of. Oh well, for my fifth time on a mountain bike in almost two years I think I'm just glad to have survived. 

Yesterday I had another interesting experience with the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games Bid Commission. The commission was in town visiting all the venues to take back their impression for a November decision on the Games. In the afternoon DK and I headed to BMO field at the Ex for a venue presentation that included cycling. I really didn't have to do much other than wave, but it was interesting (somewhat) to hear all the behind the scenes info about infrastructure and planning. Then at night we headed over to Toronto Island for a veerrryyy fancy evening at the RCYC. There was appetizers and drinks on the lawn while gymnastic performers of some sort did their thing, a parade of yachts and a whole lot of dignitaries and bureaucrats. Dinner again was a pretty extravagant affair and I was sitting at a table with the mayor of Mississauga, a few people from the Toronto committee, and other mayor and the GM of BMO field. Slightly different conversation that you would get out of a group of athletes. There was dessert afterwards on the lawn and a surprise which ended up being a fireworks show from a barge just off the island. Hopefully, Toronto gets this bid because they've definitely put a lot of time and money into it. I think it would be cool for the city as well. It'll come down to Lima, Peru, Botoga, Columbia and Toronto in Nov. 

I should really pack now. I've got quite a bit of stuff to contain into suitcases today because tomorrow I head to Toronto and then Vancouver for school on Thursday!


  1. Hey Denise! Congrats on the TT win and an overall great season. You should definitely give cross a shot - it's super fun! Hope to be racing with you again next season :)

  2. Hey Kristen! Thanks, hope the rest of your racing went well. It sounds like all the July and August races were really fun, and you guys kicked ass. Good luck w your cross season too!