Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CSG Day Two

This is a record for blogging frequency! 

Canada Games has been a lot of fun so far. We got first class treatment flying out here to PEI on a charter...which just happened to be First Air (the airline of the North). So of course I heard about that for a good chunk of the flight. "Was that your language they were just giving the safety instruction in?" 

The set-up here is pretty cool too. We're a little crammed in with six girls and our stuff in three bunk beds and a tiny room, but we're having fun. And its air conditioned so its a haven from the 30+ degrees temperature we've been dealing with here. 

The mountain bike race was yesterday and it went awesome for the team! The guys came close to a medal with a 4th place and then Fudge ripped it up in the girls race winning by like 3 minutes. I had a wicked fast 3/4 of a first lap...maybe got a little excited... and passed one of my team mates in the feed zone only to freak out that I would hold her up in the coming single track. My brilliant solution to this was to plow into the single track at like 35 k/h which lasted til the first root and then I went flying through the air. KK said she's got the image burned permanently in her head. Managed to pull myself together after 5 minutes in the pit with an imagined flat and finished in 12th.  Not too bad for a roadie. The medical facilities took care of my scrapes and injuries. I spent probably almost two hours getting attended to by physio (ultrasound, stretching and micro) and massage therapist. The physio was struggling to find any area of my body where she could touch me without hitting a bruise, scrape or sore spot. Thankfully my shoulder wasn't separated as the medic at the venue thought it might be.

Today was the 14 km time trial and it all came together pretty well for me. I got in a solid warm up and headed out second last with a 2 min. gap in front of me because my minute girl was a DNS. I think I opened up my gap on the way out and then mentally managed to hold myself together on the way back to win by nine seconds. The 30+ degree weather meant it took my like 2 hours to finally finish drug testing after downing 6 bottles of water and a can of Coke in pretty rapid succession. Oh well, all part of the fun. Definitely a good win to have, and cool to follow up on Fudge's win. The rest of the team kicked ass too and I think we were probably 2nd out of the teams. A good sign for the road race and crit on Thursday and Friday!

TT podium

Continuing to drink water....

Girls after the TT

Warming up

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