Monday, August 24, 2009

Canada Summer Games

Girls before the road race

Apparently I'm motivating Riggs to blog now, so I feel a little responsibility to keep it up...and I don't want to get shown up.

So Canada Summer Games are officially over and I think cycling was lucky to be in Week One. We got out just before Hurricane Bill hit the island. Hopefully that doesn't mess up the games schedule too much.

The last two races had their ups and downs. The road course was the same one that is used for the first stage of the Tour de PEI... a 9km loop that's pancake flat. Quebec rode really well in the road race attacking constantly. They managed to get one rider off the front with a B.C. rider for quite a well...caused us a little stress in the pack. We finally managed to get some of the other teams to start working and the break came back within a lap. I quickly realized that there was no way I was going to get away. My name was getting yelled out as soon as I even started to attack, and if I actually made it off the front no one would work with me. With a couple laps to go KK made it off the front with a Quebec girl that I seriously thought might stay away. Unfortunately they got caught with about a lap to go. Down to a sprint finish... We'd decided to lead KK out for the sprint b/c she probably had the best chance. I started from maybe 800m out with the lead out. I think it all would have worked out but for some bad luck with KK getting bumped and then her handlebars hooked into the finish. It was BC, Quebec, Quebec on the podium.

The crit was also a really aggressive race, especially since it was a points race meaning there were sprints for points every 5 laps of the 30 lap race. The winner would be the person with the most accumulated points not necessarily the person to cross the finish line first. I got points on the first sprint but after that never managed to get off/get myself in the position I needed to be coming out of the last corner. Manitoba had a wicked sprint lead out going and managed to finish 1,2 in the end. The Ontario boys had a close race coming away with their 3rd 4th of the close. 

The last night there was a frenzy of clothing trading and a Classified concert (who I honestly had no clue who they were before) mixed in with a little potato picking by hand. I actually cooked my potato last night for dinner; I was pretty impressed with it.

I also had thought Canada Summer Games would be my last race for the season but apparently I'm doing Mountain Bike Provincials after my showing at CSG. Really, I think everyone just wants some more entertainment out of the roadie trying to mountain bike. We'll see if I can stay upright for a little longer this time!

Getting interviewed by the Weather Network

Walking in to the opening ceremonies

Trading pins

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  1. Hey Denise, cool blog!

    I don't know if you remember me, because I barely remember you, but we used to ski together back in the day in Yellowknife.

    I randomly heard from the Gildays that you are now a top National level road rider. Good stuff! VERY cool to hear. Another 'Knifer going for it and such.

    talk to you later,

    Thomsen D'Hont