Friday, July 10, 2009

2 Reason to try this again...

1. I'm going to France for 2 weeks, so I should be able to find something interesting to write about.
2. Grandma's going to disown me if there isn't a new post the next time she checks. (There I promised :) )

Anyway, as I said I'm off to France tomorrow with the National Team. We've got a couple days in Conches (I've heard its wonderful...), then a 4 day UCI 2.2 race in Britagne  a few days off and then another 4 day stage race in Limousin. I've never raced in Europe before/ the only time I've actually spent in Europe was about 10 hours last year on the way to Junior Worlds in South Africa. It should be interesting. Unfortunately I think we're going to miss all of the Tour de France... and we leave Paris the day after it finishes so I'm not sure if we'll be by any of it but maybe! 

Bike's all packed and just a few more things to squeeze into the suitcase. 

Really am going to try and write...if we ever get internet. 



  1. Hey Denise, Jill told me yesterday that you were racing in France with a skater i used to know (alison). Pretty cool! Its cool to see another yellowknifer (sort of i guess) ripping it up!

  2. almost a month since the last post. i know you aren't riding 7 days a week. time for an update.

  3. gave me some motivation Kyle, thanks