Friday, March 20, 2009


Only 2 days left in Tucson. The rest of the girls get to head on to California for a week for the Redlands Bicycle Classic. It should be an awesome race. I really enjoyed it last year and this year the publicity line for the women's race is "5 current national champions, the world champion, and the current NRC leader". A week off before finals is about all I could manage however. And as much as it will be good to be back in Vancouver I'm not so stoked on the rain and school work I am apparently heading back too, especially after a week of 30 degrees plus and sunny. We've definitely all got a good start on our tan lines for the summer. We got a few weird looks at the pool, especially as there was a gang of us....

Training has been really good for the past five days.  We have had a few double days and a few longer days with some technical sprint and TTT stuff thrown in. The heat and altitude has added to the fun. We are about a 20 minute
 drive from the Mexican border, so passing through the U.S. Border Control check points has added a little excitement to the riding. Anyway, riding with a big group of girls has been a good change from winter training and its been a lot of fun; eat, ride, eat, ride, eat, eat, sleep, maybe throw in a midnight snack and do it all over again. Plus I've been mixing in a little school work reluctantly. 

We've got a longer ride up a "canyon" tomorrow (that's all Vincent could remember about it) and then I fly to LA Sunday night, overnight there and then back to Van.

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